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The elevator pitch

I’m an experienced London-based cameraman. You can see my CV and recent credits at Arricrew, and samples of my work below. If you have time please check out my glossary of film terms that is also published over on the ACO site. Feel free to contact me with any questions, thanks for visiting!

The life story

I work as a Lighting Cameraman in television, promotional, and factual production, and as a Camera Operator in film, drama, and music / live entertainment.

With fifteen years’ experience as a Focus Puller (1st AC) progressing from music videos to feature films (IMDb), I cut my teeth on film cameras before hi-definition digital became the norm, and I enjoy working to the highest standards as part of a team. I hung up my tape-measure for good in 2015. My parallel career shooting news and corporate video, including 5 years as a freelance with Sky News, has grounded me in the nuts and bolts of shooting PSC and live camera, and proved my ability to deliver under pressure.

Whilst technically-minded I am 100% focussed on the aesthetics and narrative of film – for me the story and picture are one and must come first. When not shooting, or watching movies, I like to play guitar, read, run, and practice tai chi. But not at the same time. Yet.

Based in London and the Midlands, I am a member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, the Guild of Television Cameramen, and a friend of the Association of Camera Operators. The wonderful Kate Collier at Arricrew looks after my diary but please feel free to contact me direct to discuss any job!

As well as my services as a cameraman I can offer the following:

1000 Square Foot Daylight / Blackout Studio


I own a studio in central Hackney in an old warehouse with big windows and original features – it’s featured at the top of this page. Fitted with a corner cyclorama, lighting-grid and 32A power, it’s mainly used for fashion stills shoots, but is available for video at good rates when booked directly through me.

You can see more pictures at the Darnley Road Studios website, and the full spec and floor-plan is here.

I’ve used it for many things over the years. It’s been a rehearsal studio and writing room for the likes of Alt-J and The Klaxons, a 1950s LA apartment set for a film noir short film I shot starring Paloma Faith and Dougray Scott, and has hosted a party or two.

I love to shoot there, especially when I can bring Max, my dog (he sits quietly in the kit room when told to!). Give me a ring with any queries.



Camera, Lighting and Sound Gear


I can provide sound-man, AC, and spark as well as a full range of equipment from a run-and-gun PSC kit to a full Arri, Sony or Red-based digital-cinema package.

I own a full range of camera, sound, grips and lighting kit, but usually recommend cross-hiring the most appropriate camera body and lenses for the job in hand. My rates are always competitive and the equipment tailored to the production.

My kit comes through Filmspace, a collaboration with my friend Simon Minett. We’re based at my studio, Darnley Road Studios in Hackney.

We own several channels of small-format Black Magic digital cameras paired with 16mm film lenses of the sort we both learned on back in the day. The result is a good 2K picture, excellent latitude in RAW, and (the way we’ve got it configured) a compact durable kit which can handle anything from interviews to gigs via short films. For the right job it’s a cost-effective solution with a filmic quality to the pictures, and it enables me to shoot personal projects.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


direct +44 (0)7976 221036

arricrew +44 (0)1895 457180


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A shamelessly geeky collection of film related terms that I add to sporadically when I want to learn something new or refresh my addled memory.