Roger Bowles LP10 Letter

Please use the link below to download my special letter of authority from HMRC (“LP10 Letter”) giving authorisation for me to be paid without deductions of tax and national insurance. It is password protected, the password can be found by the link to this page in my invoice. Many thanks.

Roger Bowles LP10 Letter

Stones Hyde Park

I covet Keith’s battered Telecaster in this video. I worked on the concert shoot in the summer. Helping operator Rob with handheld in the pit meant a pretty good view of the proceedings. That was great, especially as I had just read Keith Richards’ autobiography (surprisingly lucid, amazing insight into the sixties and seventies), and so was high on Stones lore already… DoP Brett Turnbull and I spent a surreal couple of hours trying to get a taxi back east in the rush afterwards, nothing would stop it was like we were invisible. Far out man.


Spitfire vs Range Rover

Just seen this, I worked on it earlier in the year. Great fun. The car was all very well but the Spitfire really does spit fire as that 2000HP Merlin engine starts up. Awesome.
Also, we had F65s out on the job which are a pretty amazing camera. Super duper resolution in a standard S35 format has some advantages over RED’s 5K offering I think. It’s nicely made too. And not as heavy as it looks.

(Not sure I remember the end being like that!)

Friend of the ACO

The Association of Camera Operators represents the great and the good of British operating cameramen. We have such a great history of brilliant operators and so many around now, and I think operating on a big production remains the best job in the business. It’s great to be associated in a junior way with the ACO and I look forward to picking up a thing or two over the next few years! The ACO can be found here:

Motion Picture Lens Database

My friend Richard Bradbury has put this together – a pretty exhaustive list of all the physical characteristics of the lenses out there. I’ve stuck it as a bookmark on my phone and use it to refresh my memory of the lenses I’m going to be working with on the way in to work or at breakfast. It’s always good to know close focus, widest stop and so on “off the top of your head”. Check it out at:

GTC – Studio Camera Operating

Working mainly on location shooting factual and drama stuff I haven’t spent all that much time in TV studios so it was great to get this opportunity to get a grounding in studio camera and specifically pedestal camera operating. I learned how to set up and balance the pedestal and head, how to use coms and work with the gallery and got a feel for working with the set up. I found it surprisingly intuitive and am looking forward to having a go for real (on something basic, it will take some time to get up to the standard of our instructors). This is Lorraine’s view from the Lorraine show by the way.