I’m a First Aider (again)

In a previous life I did a military version of a first aid course during which we had fun answering to every question about what the appropriate course of action to take on discovering a particular injury: “cauterise the wound, sir!”. This was less butch and more appropriate to the sort of situations you might actually come across. It was good to find I remembered the basics. And interesting to learn that those de-fibrillating machines that you see used to dramatic effect in countless movie scenes are idiot proof these days – you can apply them to anyone whether they’re having a heart attack or not, anywhere on their bodies, even if anyone else is touching them, and the machine will not activate unless it senses a fibrillating (irregularly spasming, non-pumping) heart and it is safe to do so. In countries where they are positioned in public places deaths from cardiac arrest are significantly lower. There should probably be one on most sets!